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CA: my life is pretty fuckin shitty right noww
CA: i havven evven been in this fuckin system for that long but somehoww im meant to deal wwith all this bullshit
CA: i havve been throwwn into the deep end wwithout a paddle or anyfin. and youd think thatd be good cus im a sea dwweller but no
CA: wwe havve to do lots of tests and keep track of our body cus we might havve somefin wwrong wwith us and i dont wwanna deal wwith that its fuckin scary
CA: wwe knoww wwe havve mental health problems but knowwin you havve somefin you wwerent prepared for is so fuckin scary
CA: especially cus wwe are already so stressed wwith school
CA: i hope evveryfin can be sorted out

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